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About Us

NIPARTS is a professional platform which is based on the integrating the information and data of auto parts.We have been engaging in the this job for many years.Niparts catalog thousands of auto parts from over 500 manufacturers .Over the years, the company and its selection of parts have steadily grown. According to the auto parts industry's needs,we integrate the information about the prominent vendors and manufacturers all over the world and bulid the authoritative database of auto parts industry. With the brand-new online marketing model, we help auto parts vendors and manufacturers improve their professionalism and competitiveness by network, catalogue software, promotion platform and advertisement. Due to our understanding about the needs of auto parts business development, auto parts enterprises and companies pay more and more attentions to us. As the social division of labor becoming more and more refining and the market competition more and more drastic, we perform as a cardiotonic in the auto parts industry and trot into the network stage.